Enjoy our introductory rates!

We’re a new business. Please take advantage of our introductory rates whilst we establish our new business and build our reputation.

Day Rate

£175 £150 per day

Small Works

£25 £22 per hour

£89 £79 per half-day (up to 4 hours)

Discretional & Fair Call-Out Fee

£20 or less, or nothing at all.

We wouldn’t expect you to pay for us to quote for work.  However, if we have to travel far and offer you advice, this takes up our time and invokes costs where we could be carrying out work for others.  Therefore, we reserve the right to charge a call-out fee where we feel this is fair. 

We wouldn’t charge for things like a local visit where we only popped in for a quick 5 minute discussion.  Nor would we charge you this fee if you chose us to complete the works or use our services.

Parts &/or Materials

You can opt to source these yourselves or we can supply them for you.  We do not charge commission or inflate prices for our own profit.  We will always strive to source parts as cheaply as possible whilst not compromising on quality.  What we pay is what you pay (receipts will be provided if required).  All purchases on your behalf will be agreed in advance.